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Maintain & Restore -Without Damage.
​Now You Can Wear Them With Pride.

Wear Your C​​​​aps With Pride

The Captician Cap Cleaning Kit

​The Captician Ultimate Stain Removal Kit

The Captician Cap Cleaning Kit

​The Captician 3-Piece Stain Removal Starter Kit

​The Captician

Premium Cap Brush

Have you given up on cleaning your caps?

I feel your pain, it can be confusing trying to figure out what products or methods will safely restore your caps.

Unfortunately, many cap owners resign themselves to retiring their dirty caps to the back of the wardrobe or binning them.

​As a professional cap cleaner and cap enthusiast, I will share with you industry secrets and tips. So you no longer have to worry about how to keep your caps looking great.

Discover how to easily care for your caps.

Use these trade secrets to keep your collection looking fresh.

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