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The Captician: Cap Addict & Professional ​​Cap Cleaner​​​​

Whether you wear your cap while playing golf, tennis, skating or for fashion ​at some point ​it is going get dirty. ​​My mission is to help you easily keep your caps looking great. So you can wear them wherever and whenever without worrying about them getting ruined. ​

How The Captician began...

​Cleaning my first ever cap for a customer.​

It all started with a dilemma which may be familiar to you personally. Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I clean my cap without damaging it?"

​​Back in the day, when I put them in the washing machine, sure, my caps got cleaner​. They smelled better but they also lost their colour and shape.

​I tried pretty much every​ random method to keep my caps clean. Ever heard of using cornflour for stains? Yep, I went there.... I even tried spray paint! You name it, I tried it. But nothing worked.

If I had a cap for each cap I’ve had to throw away over the years, well… I could start a shop.
​Training and ​the eureka moment

As fate would have it I​ trained as a carpet and upholstery technician for my cleaning company. I completed extensive courses with the NCCA (National​ Carpet Cleaners Association ) where I ​learned the chemistry of cleaning fabrics. ​

​It was fascinating. I travelled up and down the UK shadowing industry veterans on the job, taking in as much knowledge as I could.

​Then one day it clicked...I realised I could use all that I had learned​ to clean that stack of dirty caps ​in my cupboard. Had my prayers been answered?

Many evenings and soggy caps later, ​I adapted techniques that actually cleaned my caps without messing up their shape or colour.

Here I am cleaning a carpet in 2011

Half way through a restoration.

Word got out. Soon, I was restoring my friends collections too.

​They were amazed at how clean their caps were, and happy that they didn’t have to bin them after all. I knew it wasn't just me and my friends that struggled to keep our caps clean.

​Along side cleaning for my clients I offered a drop off and collection service at local street-wear shops. Not only did I get peep at some awesome collections it gave me insight into the problems other cap wearers were facing. 

What started years ago as a project to rescue my own cap collection became a passion for helping cap wearers worldwide easily keep their beloved caps clean.

​If you have a question, drop me a message.  I’m always happy to ​help.